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This week's another random 5. Lemme know in the comments what rando things your crushing on this week.

Hunter's Target Collaboration

I am so hyped up for Hunter's collab with Target & I'm working all day Saturday so I realllllly hope I can get some merch online before my busy salon day bc I've been obsessing all week with the preview on I'm kind of dying for the oversize tote & traditional boot - both in black obvi. I actually have the traditional boot in army green & barely wear them because they don't really coordinate with my typical outfits. Oh & btw if someone says they don't like designer products at a great price they're lying!

"Wild Wild Country"

No... I am not talking about an old Will Smith movie or some boring western... sorry if I offend if it's your thing. I'm talking about the new Netflix documentary about a cult in the 1980s - it's binge worthy at it's best. It's sooooooo good! Now that this one's over what should I binge watch next?!

Zazzle Wrapping Paper

If you're wondering if Zazzle wrapping paper is crazy expensive the answer is yes. But it's also the highest quality & comes in practically any pattern or theme known to man. It's not the kind of product I would waste my money on for someone who wouldn't appreciate it but if I knew the lucky gift recipient was as crazy as I am about presentation or if there was a special theme for a special person then I would totally go for it!

Big Sexy Hair Powder Play

This stuff is crazy strong! I was kinda always a little snobby about this brand but when a friend suggested this product I thought why not at least try?! WOW! This stuff can plump my fine hair up to the sky... but be forewarned it also makes your hair feel a little gritty & dirty... but that's a small price to play to get this bouffant!

Stacy's Fire Roasted Jalepeno Pita Chips

Oh... My... Gosh... I'm continuing my jalepano obsession with these pita chips. The taste is so different & addictive! What's your current go to snack?

Have a great weekend people! Lemme know what you're obsessing over this weekend in the comments section!

Cheers - Hal

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