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Hey everyone! Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend! If you've been following along you already know we decided to do a Mother's Day, sister, niece & nephew's birthday combo over the holiday weekend. The weather wasn't the warmest but at least it didn't rain. We heated that pool up, grilled, drank & had some extreme family quality time. All including some Memorial Day themed gift wrap on all those presents... because you know I can't resist.

But now it's Tuesday & back to reality. Whomp, whomp.

This week's Hair Tip Tuesday is pretty straight forward as usual.

Set your hair with cold air.

That mysterious "cool shot" button on your hair dryer is there for a reason!

It helps set the look for long lasting hold & shine. Try to use your hair dryer's nozzle attachment to concentrate the cool air in the right direction to not only help lock in your style but to smooth the cuticle down & keep it there.

To boost the effect of using your hair dryers cool setting you can also rinse out your conditioner with cool water. Colder water helps seal the cuticle shut again for extra shiny locks.

Hope this week's tip was useful & you all had an amazing holiday weekend!

Cheers - Hal

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