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Oh my gosh y'all May is one crazy month in the salon. Every year I seem to forget that pretty much every wedding, bar mitzvah, first holy communion, prom etc. that happens in the Philadelphia area all occurs in one four week time frame! And the most precious & beautiful of them - at least to me - is my niece Samantha.

Find me someone more angelic then her... I dare ya'!

And then there's Mother's Day, Memorial Day, my sister & nephew's birthdays are May 23rd & my niece's is June 1st to boot. And you know how much joy they all bring into my life so obviously it's no shocker to you that I go totally overboard.

So needless to say I'm often happy all this is nearly 6 months after the professional & personal rush of Christmas! That way I can gain my sanity & rebuild my pocketbook for May.

But all this complaining aside I really do love all the business & family time followed up by the calmness & tranquility of the summer months.

And the blog was pretty busy too!

I published a 6 week summer prep series leading up to Memorial Day covering everything you needed to know from workouts to products to help us get ready for the summer months. To review the month's #whati'mobsessedwiththisweek posts just click here.

As usual I shared my four #haircutsoftheweek as an instastory exclusive but you know I share them in my monthly recaps anyway... I just can't help myself. These haircuts need to be seen by everyone lol.

For the entire month's #hairtiptuesdays click here. There was quite the array of topics covering everything from why to prebook your next appointment, how to set your hair with cold air & a quick & easy bobby pin hack to keep those slippery suckers in place.

One of my biggest partnerships of the month was with Fairy Tales summer hair collection for kids. And of course this was a fun opportunity to work with my niece a little too... you know she's never one to shy away from the camera. To read the full post & see more fun pics just click here.

My other big collab was over on instagram where I partnered with Dove to highlight there men's grooming products. To read more about that over on Insta just click here.

And last but not least to see my 5 fave summer hair trends of 2018 just click here. Some you may have guessed like beachy waves & balayage but some are a little more surprising like rose gold & space buns! Go check it out!

Hope you all had an amazing May also & cheers to an equally wonderful June & summer season!

Cheers - Hal

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