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You know what time it is - time for me to reflect on the past week & share what I've really been into lately. What a crazy busy week it's been around here - so much to be obsessed with!


You've heard me talk so many times about one of the many blessings of having a young niece & nephew - having an excuse to do things like see Frozen on Broadway as a 40 year old man and getting to pretend it's for them & not me... even though you're DYING to see it for yourself. And lemme tell you it did NOT disappoint! Great day spent in the city with family. And so surreal seeing the same cast you got to see perform live in the afternoon sing their asses off the very same night live on the Tony Awards.


I got my sister an air fryer for her birthday & my mother one for Mother's Day & I think I'm more into it than anyone! I have to admit I'm really not truly able to explain how it even works but all I do know is what comes out of it is DELICIOUS! My favorite so far has been the crunchy green beens. Do you have an air fryer? Lemme know in the comments what you think of it & tell me what I HAVE to try next!


This month's book club selection is "We Own the Sky" by Luke Allnutt. I'm not gonna lie - I wasn't super psyched about it at first because it was going to be an obvious tear jerker but I couldn't put it down! And the ending had such a twist! It ended up being soooo good!


I'm smack dab in the middle of attempting to complete 21 rides at Cycle Bar in the 31 days of June. I've mentioned in the past how much I love this studio & how great it's been for me but I'm taking my love to a full on obsession at this point by going every chance I get! I'm getting stronger & stronger by the ride & feeling leaner by the minute while I sit at the pool & recover!


Yes - I am indeed watching anotherrrrrrrr reality show - and I know it's shocking but this one does not include Bravo or a "real housewife." The contestants are amongst the most talented dance acts in the world - literally - & I can't keep my eyes off Derek Hough for a second. Is that weird?!

So anyway - those are the 5 things I'm obsessed with this week.... lemme know what it is you're into this June or any thoughts you have on my weird & random obsessions.

Cheers - Hal

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