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OK so by now you know my family & I LOVE spending time in the sun & water... but it wreaks havoc on our hair.

One way to avoid the nasty effect chlorine has on our hair is to rinse it before & after swimming.

Hair is VERY porous so if you thoroughly wet down your weave before swimming your hair will be full of water already & absorb less of the chlorine!

Luckily for us my sister does have a salt water pool but we still spend our fair share of time in chlorinated pools too. My niece & nephew go to swim team every day & at least wear a swim cap there & the shore house does have an outdoor shower to help since the pool is chlorinated thank goodness. So we're mostly covered but if you're not this is a great tip to follow.

When you're done swimming do another rinse!

Rinsing your hair immediately after swimming can help wash away the bulk of the chlorine & any other dirt or bacteria you may have picked up in the pool.

On beach days we often spend most of the day on the shoreline & the late afternoon at the pool. I personally do rinse off my body to get rid of all the excess sand but don't rinse out my hair because I LOVE the grit & volume the sand gives to my hair! So for the most part I just keep my head above water in the pool & just stand in the shallow end! But if that's too hard a challenge for you then you should definitely rinse it out when you're getting the sand off your body.

Check back each week because every Tuesday for the next 8 weeks or so I'm going to share tips on how to care for your hair while still having a ton of summer fun!

Cheers - Hal

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