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I'm in Cape May this week with the fam for a much needed period of time in my happy place. I'm going to compose a whole post for next week with all the pics I got & what all went down but for now I thought I would dedicate this week's normally random 5 obsessions with a Cape May theme edition.


For years I've coveted Sea Bags of Maine every time I passed the shop in Cape May or saw someone carrying one at the beach or pool. But I always thought they were kinda expensive. But you know what... why not treat yo' self?! After all it's so environmentally friendly & they last forever! If you're not familiar they're made out of sails & are soooo nautical & exactly my vibe.


I am OBSESSED with this place. We can spend hours in here! It's pretty much a huge garage with more than 50 small stores under one roof! Literally everything you can even imagine from antiques, to clothes & home decor. It's such a cool, eclectic space. And the best part is my presh Samantha loves going there & walking around with me - it's so cute she's finally into shopping!


Congress Hall has been a staple in Cape May since the beginning - and Cape May is the actually the oldest seaside resort so that basically means it's been around forever . We personally rent a house but often go there to eat, drink or just walk around. And my cousin even saw Tina Fey there! We happened upon the cutest kid's carnival there this year & it gave me some hard core Cape vibes.


This above all is my favorite part of my summer vacation. I truly check out & unplug. It may take a day or two but eventually I leave it all behind until there's literally nothing left but the sound of the waves & being with my family & friends in my happy place. And this my friends is above all the best thing about my shore vacay.


For the last four years I've taken a pic with my niece & nephew at the shore & I've come to really cherish these pics. These are literally no fuss pics just taken having fun on the beach - I have enough staged & perfect photos but I especially love this fun & carefree pose. Of course I frame them all in beauty & nautical frames & put them on full display! Here's this years.

Have you ever been to the Jersey shore & if so which shore point do you love?

And if not does your family have any special summer traditions or places they visit annually?

Cheers - Hal

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