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Well July is always one of my favorite months!

It's my birthday near the end of the month & we always do our annual family beach vacation in July too. Which is literally always one of the highlights of my year. Not to mention the summer is just one of my overall favorite times of the year to begin with.

To be honest it's a time of total relaxation & summer fun to the point that at times it was really hard for me to focus on the blog... but no worries... we still got some content for you guys in there! So here we go.....

For the month's worth of summer pics & great moments from our family vacation just click here!

For July's #whatimobsessedwiththisweek series click here. I'm sure it'll come as no surprise that most of them revolve around summer.

And this month's #hairtiptuesdays all also revolved around summer hair care -

For the complete roundup of patriotic hair accessories to look cute & patriotic AF for the summer holidays & not cheesy as hell click here.

And as always here are my haircuts of the month - I share these weekly on instastories but always show them here collectively at the end of the month in case you're not following along -

So there you go... that's my month in a nutshell.

Hope you all had an amazing July too!

Cheers - Hal

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