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I live for hanging by the beach & pool in the summertime... and what better way then to do it with a cocktail?!

My general summer go-to drinks are usually your basic spiked seltzers or sweet tea vodka & lemonade.

But this summer I tried to play around a little bit more & not be so basic. I've been sharing them over on instastories & have gotten tons of questions about them so I thought I'd share them over here too.

Some were better then others so I decided to just share my fave 3 that kept me refreshed... and buzzed... all summer long.


Nothing says summer like light & refreshing. This one was a huge hit because it's just that... and who isn't obsessed with rose right now?!


2 bottles rose wine

2 cups strawberry vodka

5 cups lemon-lime soda

20 fresh strawberries


Combine the wine, vodka & half of the strawberries in a large pitcher & stir.

Refrigerate for 2 - 6 hours.

Just before serving add the lemon-lime soda, the rest of the strawberries & stir.

Serve over ice & garnish with a strawberry.

I used my current fave rose - Whispering Angel.

And if we're being really honest I don't normally drink Smirnoff vodka but it was the only strawberry vodka they had in the PA liquor stores. And it still turned out so delish.


What can I say... I'm into sangria!


1 bottle dry white wine

(I used sauvignon blanc)

1 bottle champagne or prosecco

2 cups fresh blueberries

1 cup fresh raspberries

4 granny smith apples


Stir together white wine, blueberries & raspberries in a large pitcher - I used a drink dispenser.

Refrigerate 1-4 hours - warning - the longer it melds together the redder it will become.

Before serving stir in the champagne & apples.

Obviously I had to take it to the next level & make my granny smith apples star shaped with my little helper of course.


This one was def the easiest but still so cute & tasty.


2 cups watermelon stars

1 cup fresh blueberries

1 bottle dry white wine

1 liter lemon-lime soda


Place watermelon stars & blueberries in the bottom of the pitcher, pour in the white wine & soda, mix & serve. How easy is that?!

So there you have it... these are the festive, summery drinks that I've been enjoying this summer.

What do you all enjoy drinking in the summer months?

Cheers - Hal

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