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This Friday is a little different than others. It's a very sad one because my family has to say goodbye to my beautiful & loving Aunt Rosalie. She was my great aunt & really more like a second grandmother than anything so today's gonna be a hard one.

She was an extremely loving & caring person & often showed that love through her bad ass excessive Italian cooking... which I'm gonna miss almost as much as her.

I really contemplated not posting my weekly obsessions this week because it seemed so shallow & silly compared to everything else that was going on with my family this week. But if we're being really honest... I crave continuity & a sense of schedule in my life. I really like sticking to a routine if I can. It's something that gives me contentment & satisfaction so of all days it feels even better then normal to do a weekly task that I enjoy doing.

OK - so this week's list is truly random. But here it goes.


OK - I get it... plastic straws are totally out & a nightmare for the environment but I really love a straw! Especially after I've whitened my teeth. I tried the metal ones but they get super hot in coffee which is pretty much the only reason I'm using a straw with & every time the metal hits one of my teeth I have visions of chipping them. Someone told me about these silicone ones I got on Amazon & I LOVE THEM! Have made the switch over to a reusable straw?


My sister, friend & I were lucky enough to see Dear Evan Hansen this week on Broadway. These tix are pretty hard to get but I find that if you're willing to go to the city in the summer when less people want to go you can get tix a little easier. There's been so much hype about this show & it did NOT disappoint. The music was beautiful & it gave me all the feels. It was an emotional enough of a show but it happened to be the day after my aunt's passing so I was a little extra. Lets just say there was an ugly cry or two. Have you seen anything on Broadway this summer?


If you follow along on insastories you know I've still been spending a ton of time at the beach & pool. But to be honest I've kinda stopped tryna be cute. I don't have any energy left for that this summer lol... I just wanna be chill & relax & have fun. So enter the no shower happy hour... straight from the beach to happy hour & still to bed at a decent hour... there's nothing better. I'm telling you - it's the way to go!


These shorts are so much fun! They're super stretchy & perfect for working out & have the most fun patterns on the built in compression shorts. And hardly any companies make fun work out shorts for men so this is so refreshing. Public service announcement - check the length of the ones you're buying. The 7" ones are OK for me but the 5/5.5" option is prettttttty short for someone with legs as long as mine... just a heads up.


Last week I shared my obsession with sun tea & how disappointed I was gonna be when it gets cold & I have to find something else to sip on... your basic water is getting so boring. I had soooo many people tell me to make infused waters. It's so easy & just as yummy. I've been loooooving strawberry mint but when summer's over I'm thinking of trying pear vanilla or apple cinnamon. Have you tried infused water & if so what's your favorite?

So there you have it - those are the 5 completely random things I'm crushing on this week.

What are you into right now?

Cheers - Hal

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