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Well hello September!

I'm not gonna lie... I'm not super thrilled about this... it's not that I don't love fall as much as the next person but I just HATE to see summer end!

I'm especially emotional right now because the kids literally just got on the bus for the first day of school. And it's Bub's first year of full day school! Where has the time gone?! I'm so proud of those two though.

But I guess there's no slowing down time... despite my yearly attempt to create an endless summer.

August was a great month. Full of long days by the pool & ocean & tons of fun summer related blog posts.

I started the month's worth of #hairtiptuesdays off by talking about how important it is to cover up your hair in the summer elements & some of my fave accessories to don. I also shared some tips on how to clarify the salt & chlorine out of your hair, some summer hair color recovery help & my fave products to "fake the beach look" ieven if you haven't been there all summer. So we went over quite a bit. For the month's worth of hair tips just click here.

And no shocker here, I shared here all of my weekly obsessions... as I do every week.

Who said August was slow?! Over here at #hairbyhal I had quite a few big collaborations this month.

First I partnered up with the Amplixin & True Pure family to share some products that will help stimulate hair growth & make you feel like you've resurrected the hair of your youth! And the best part is they've been kind enough to share with my followers a generous 15% discount with the code HAIRBYHAL. Click either red link in this paragraph to read more & shop the line.

I also had a huge collaboration & Instagram giveaway with Fairy Tales Rosemary Repel shampoo, conditioner & leave in spray to say bye-bye to lice this school year. To read more about that & shop the line just click here.

Over on Instastories I had been sharing all the drinks I'd been making... & sipping on all summer & there were so many questions about them I also did a post sharing the 3 most asked about summer drink recipes.

So needless to say I had quite a bit of fun in the sun... and despite all my finest efforts I kinda trashed my own hair! Hey... what are you gonna do... it happens to the best of us. But luckily I had my fave mask to save me & bring my hair back to life. To find out which one I've been using all summer whenever I take it a little too far with the highlights & chlorine just click here.

And last but certainly not least here were my four August #haircutsoftheweek.

​OK so it's been a crazy month. They call it the dog days of summer but as you can see we've been hustlin' over here!

I'm not gonna say it was a wonderful summer because that sounds past tense & I plan on continuing my summer through September.

So all I will say is it was a great August & cheers to a wonderful month transitioning into fall!

Cheers - Hal

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