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I'm sure you've heard me talk many times before about my baby fine hair.

People don't often believe me because I'm a professional & know how to hide it. But I use so many products to make my hair less flat but then it doesn't feel nice! When people feel my hair cleansed with no products they're often shocked at how fine it is!

I always know when I'm in need of a few highlights... when not even my superhero vault of volumizing products will help my lifeless hair.

Fine hair is naturally very slippery & soft...

highlighting it gives it more grit & texture.

It's like it roughens up your cuticle & gives your hair some new life. Look how much fuller my hair looks with no effort... just a few highlights. And they blend the gray a little too which is nice!

You just have to be careful to choose the right professional so your don't damage your hair in the process. Personally, I use Olaplex to make sure I keep my hair feeling nice after lightening.

Are you a fan of highlights or in love with Olaplex as much as I am?

Cheers - Hal

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