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So autumn is pretty much here & it's time for a little hair color update.

Natural hair is lighter in the summer & darker in the cold season, which means your colored tresses most likely could use a bit of a touch up.

Go visit your stylist & talk to them about how you can do this.

For me I experiment with my blonde clients with more caramel & golden hues which will give your summer washed out haircolor & most likely now paler complexion a fresh glow.

For lighter to medium brunettes I opt for a more natural high & low light versus the lighter highlight only styles I gravitate to for summer.

And last but not least on the medium to darker brunettes you can even experiment with autumn tones in demipermanent shades over your natural color.

So there you have it!

Do you update your hair color seasonally or do you pretty much stick to the same hues all year long?

Cheers - Hal

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