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Last week I went all crazy & shared a complete list of allllll the things I love about the seasonal change to fall. But this week I'm going back to my 5 random things of the week that I'm really into.

And remember these things are NEVER sponsored or paid for in any way... it's just how I'm feeling right in this moment!


You guys Philly finalllllly got it's own beauty trade show! It's about time! If you live in or around the Philadelphia area & are in any way, shape or form involved in the beauty industry then you know all about it I'm sure. But if you're not it's basically a huge trade show with classes, seminars, product demos etc. & it's so much fun! And this year I was lucky enough to join the ColorProof family at their booth & share everything that was going on there on instastories... it was such a fun project!


So at the depressing end of season 2 I swore I was done with this show & was never going back... yet it's back on & of course I'm watching. What did you think about the season premier?


Another show I swore I was never going back to after the last few seasons yet I cannot stop watching... I'm really not sure if I like where this season is going yet or not... but yet I find myself compulsively talking to people who watch it. Are you watching... what are your thoughts?


I got my grubby little hands on some of this at the Premiere Philly show this week & I was reminded why I loved it once upon a time. And they repackaged it so it sprays out now instead of having to shake it out & it's soooooo much better!


Halloween is not normally my thing really but this year I spent all this time convincing my niece to craft a mermaid costume with me only to find out she ultimately thought that was for babies! Waaaaaa! So I was a little disappointed but quickly bounced back when she told me what she wanted to be. Guys... just wait til you see this adorableness! Oh & before you yell at me for favoring my niece my nephew has already known since last year he was being an "army guy" this year & even though I'm not into it he'll be the cutest one out there!

Are you thinking about Halloween now too or am I a total freak?!

So that's what I'm talking endlessly about this week... how about you?

Cheers - Hal

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