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I'm always obsessed with spending time with the little ones but I kinda take it to the next level when it involves a quaint little town in Autumn & a scarecrow festival. We're super lucky enough to live near places like this to visit - like Center City Philadelphia & all the charming suburbs not to mention places like Peddler's Village & New Hope & other spots in Bucks County & the Poconos. Autumn in the Northeast is the best! Do you have places like this you can visit to enjoy the season?


I get sooooo inspired when all the catalogues begin arriving on my doorstep - especially during the holidays or any change of season. It really gets me motivated to recreate these looks or create original ones of my own. My fave so far that have arrived are Pottery Barn & Terrain... not that I'm necessarily buying a ton from either but I can't resist flipping through & getting ideas. And it's an extra thrill when I can reproduce the looks in my own way from places like Home Goods!


Like I said - any change of season gets me all excited - last Sunday my father helped me get my yard all together for fall & I shared those pics over on Instastories. Now this Sunday I finallllly got around to transforming the inside. And it feels like an Autumn scene to see... now if the weather would only get out of the 80s lol.


I recently got pumpkin ravioli from Whole Foods & made my own brown butter sauce with sage & it was to DIE for! But if this is a little bit of a pain in the butt for you a whole bunch of companies have come out with pumpkin pasta sauces now that are also super yummy. I love this one from Williams Sonoma but our local Giant also had their own version which was pretty good too!


OK so you may be one of those people who go into pumpkin or pumpkin spice overload & can't take one more taste of it... I happen to not be one of those people... but if you are I have the one pumpkin food item you MUST try! Turkey Hill Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream! This isn't your run of the mill boring pumpkin treat - this has big chunks of cinnamon graham cracker swirl which takes it all to a whole new level! If Turkey Hill isn't fancy enough for you get over yourself & give it a try... it's absolutely fabulous!

So there you have it... those are the 5 random things I'm obsessed with this week. How about you... what are you particularly into right now?!

Cheers - Hal

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