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Here are the five things I'm randomly into this week... in case you weren't by now quite sure what this series is all about lol.


I love decorating pumpkins... lemme clarify... "decorating" - carving on the other hand is something I've never really conquered. But painting or embellishing is another thing. My initials, house number, turquoise ones for my niece's food allergies... I thought I had done it all. Until I saw these buffalo check ones from I LOOOOOOVE this! I'm so trying it... but to be honest I think I'll get my pumpkin from Michael's so I can take them back out next year... I HATE throwing away a good project like this one at the end of the season.


You know I'm never ready for summer to end but lets be real... the level of mugginess & humidity we were experiencing in early October was kinda ridiculous! So when the temps started falling this week believe it or not I was into it. After all if it has to be fall at least let me wear new clothes! Now if the temps could just stay right here & not get any colder that would be just perfect. I know... dream on dreamer.


People are telling me I spend too much money switching everything out seasonally... especially on things that are just gonna die. But I can't help it... I am obsessssssed with the beautiful autumn colors... especially with the mums!


I looooove seasonal recipes too... especially sweet ones like this from And you know I'm actually a sucker for presentation also - and serving in a pumpkin is so CUTE! Unless it's one of those throwing up guacamole drunk pumpkins... those are gross.


OK - so my other four things I'm obsessed with this week are all light & fluffy. But I had to get a little deeper with this one. This is our October book club selection & it's so captivating! It's written so beautifully & is so touching & moving... even though any book on this topic is obviously so sad... such a dark & absolutely horrifying time in our world's history. But every once in a while I think we have to remind ourselves of how something like this could happen in a modern world to vigilant & prevent it from happening again.

So there you have it... what are you into this week? Any fall or autumn related things you're flipping out over or a book I have to check out?

Cheers - Hal

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