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So Halloween has already come & gone & it was a great one! I can hardly even believe it's already November & Christmas is only 8 week away!

So obviously this week my 5 things all pretty much revolve around the holiday!


As you are already more than fully aware I'm obsessed with these two every week but especially in these adorable costumes. My nephew has literally been counting down the days to Halloween Advent calendar style & he had a blast! I guess now the countdown to Christmas can begin!


I got these adorable cupcakes from a bakery in the Philly suburbs that also has a location we discovered in Cape May. It's 100% peanut & tree nut free so it's such a relief for me to know I can bring my niece treats that will definitely have zero cross contamination. And the flavors are amazing!


A few years ago my sister gave me a Christmas popcorn tin because she remembered how much I LOVED these when I was little & it was so nostalgic... and no shock here I still love the popcorn too! So when she saw a Halloween version at Target she picked it up for me... I never really saw these outside of the holidays!


We were shopping in this quaint little town in Bucks County & every single shop had the most adorable Halloween tees for women & children but nothing for men! I hate that! I mean I'm sure there's like no market for it but hey... this gay guy wants a cute & festive tee too! So of course I got to google & found a few online... they got some pretty mixed reviews from my coworkers but I personally loved them. These two were my faves...


I was really feeling this Halloween. I binge watched "The Haunting of Hill House" & read "The Final Girls" by Riley Sagar & lets just say I'm officially scared enough to hold me over for a while. I think it's time for me to move on to some light hearted stuff... can you say Hallmark Christmas movies anyone?!

How was your Halloween?

What were you obsessed with?

Cheers - Hal

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