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Another month gone by!

I can't believe it's already November 7th & I'm just getting around to posting my monthly recap... I can't keep up & this is just the beginning of all the craziness!

It was a great month full of tons of salon, blog & personal happenings... and like I said this is only the beginning! The holidays will really rev it all up to another level!

To check out all of the Halloween & Autumn things I was obsessed with this month including everything from decor to costumes... as well as all the random "5 Things" just click here.

And all my this month's #hairtiptuesdays of course had a lot to do with Halloween. How to add a pop of color to your hair for the holiday without ruining your weave, my favorite Halloween hair accessories from around the Internet, all the adorable ways to style spooky kid's hair & how to use hair & makeup to create your Halloween costume just to name a few. To check them all out just click here.

My main collaboration of the month was with Jan Marini - I've been using their 5 piece skin management system for years & LOVE it! To check out the full review of the product line just click here.

The other big collaboration of the month was with Kenra to help unveil their Platinum Detox & Deflect system with activated charcoal that detoxifies while diamond dust deflects everyday pollutants. To read about what exactly this means & see a few styles I created for Kenra using the products click here.

And last but not least I started my "12 Days of Holiday Hair" series this month! I know, I know... too early. But to be honest to give each look the attention it deserves I needed to start early... and plus this will give you some time to choose a look that will work for you & perfect it before all your holiday parties & events begin! To see & read about the first three looks just click here.

And of course we had a blast with Halloween!

How was your October & do you have any big plans for November?

Cheers - Hal

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