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I hope you've been liking my #styleoftheweek & #12daysofholidayhair series so far & have picked up a few faves along the way that you may be able to create for your holiday events!

I can't believe we're pretty much half way through our twelve looks already!

Here's a little tip for ya' - almost all of these looks would be easier for you to create with a little help from some clip-in extensions.

Let's be honest - most of us don't have the thickness, length or density that most of the people on Pinterest do & if you have finer hair it also may not hold a curl so great either.

So clip-ins to the rescue. In one little step you can clip in & have the length & fullness you desire & they hold a great curl!

And they cost a fraction of the money that permanent ones do.

To check out my current faves & shop them with my exclusive discount code click here.

Good luck creating those holiday looks & have fun playing with those clip-ins!

Cheers - Hal

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