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I was NEVER a Hallmark TV watcher & then something happened around November of 2016... a little thing called the presidential election.

I went into a dark rabbit hole of cable news binge watching & avidly following people spewing hatred at each other on all forms of social media.

It all became too much.

I needed a break.

And I'd be damned if that election was going to ruin my holiday. My friend was over one Sunday night drinking wine & chatting & she put on a Hallmark Christmas movie.

It was so corny... I think it was about a girl named Holly trying to save Christmas & her family's tree farm or some other silly plot... of course her name was Holly, please. It was so predictable... the farm was saved, the family's Christmas was perfect & of course she ended up finding true love in the process. All in two hours with commercials.

But guess what... it was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!

Just what I was looking for at the time. A really nice, wholesome story to leave you feeling good. There is absolutely no possible way this network will not tie things up in a pretty little bow by the time the movie's plot & conflict is resolved. And everything always ends up happily ever after.

And as far as I'm concerned this is exactly what myself & most of society could use right now... especially during the holidays.

So this will be the third year in a row I take a break from all the scary stuff I see on cable news & dedicate my nightly TV watching to feel good Christmas movies. Don't get me wrong I don't totally turn my back on the news & put my head in the ground... that's not good either... but instead of letting it become all-consuming I choose to just watch for a half hour or so or read about the day's happenings just to stay informed.

Then I go back to what's happening in one of Hallmark's magical small town main streets to put myself back in the spirit.

So if you're in the mood for some super light TV watching - a total holiday break from all the craziness then you might want to play along with my Hallmark Christmas Movie Bingo game! Or just print my checklist of all 36 of 2018's new Christmas movies & see how many you can see!

Download your printable movie checklist here.

Download your printable bingo board here.

So I decided to play along with my sisters & a close friend & of course had to create a whole gift set to go along with it!

It all started with this fun tee from the Pop Brilliant shop on Etsy.

And continued on with these fun mugs from Stellar Rabbit Studios also on Etsy.

I of course made the bingo board & checklist & had to package it up all perfect!

So there you have it.

If you decide to play along drop me a note & let me know how you're doing with it & which are your faves so far!

Have a wonderful holiday season!

Cheers - Hal

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