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In case you're new around these parts this is the time of the week where I get to share the 5 completely unsponsored or paid for in any way, completely random 5 things that I'm obsessed with this week!


Who am I kidding.... I pretty much love ornaments period... and lets not get me started on my collection of ornament frames throughout the years with my niece & nephew. But recently I was given a comb/sheers ornament as a gift & it reminded me of my hairstylist ornaments so I just had to share... do you guys have any ornament collections you're especially fond of?


So you already know I have an actual obsession with Hallmark Christmas movies... well every once in a while when I get my fill of them do I turn to regular TV? Heck no! I watch Christmas specials... this past Sunday I literally googles & went through & DVRd all the specials... what can I say... it just gets me in the Christmas spirit. Have you seen any of the specials you loved so far?


I am in the process of figuring out what I'm going to make for Christmas brunch when I came across this guy... and I think I have to try to make it... it is beyond adorable. Do you have any recipes you make every Christmas morning?


Ok... so I'm not actually obsessed with the taste of gingerbread or even making the houses for that matter. But what I am obsessed with is spending time with these two & trying to instill in them my love for the holiday season. We've been making these for years & it's so cool to see how much better they get each time we do it!


I LOVE getting Christmas cards in the mail & at the salon & putting them on display! Especially ones with family pics on them... it's so beautiful to see how much my friends & family's children have grown & changed throughout the years! Do you send out cards during the holidays?

So there you have it... there's my 5 things this week... anything you're flipping out over as the holidays approach?

Cheers - Hal

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