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In spite of alllll the craziness of working in a salon in December I still managed to get a ton of Christmas fun into the week! Here are the 5 things I discovered I was obsessed with thoughout all the craziness.


I finally got to the new Terrain store in the Philly suburbs & went into Christmas overload. I had long been shopping their catalog but never got to a store & it was merchandised so beautiful I was overly stimulated! In case you're not familiar Terrain is Anthropologie's garden store... have you shopped there yet?


OK - so a dirty chai is a shot of espresso in a chai tea... what makes it different from a chai tea latte I don't really know but my barista insists there's a differentiation... I have no idea but I do know the little spice from the chai gave the espresso a nice holiday flavor to me! Apparently it's a popular drink & I've been living under a rock... did you guys know about them?


There is something so nostalgic to me about a popcorn tin... we always had these growing up around the holidays. And I'm a popcorn lover too so it's a no brainer. The ones I've gotten recently still taste the same but it's basically a tin with 3 individually packaged flavors of popcorn inside.... which obvi helps it stay fresh. But I'm not gonna lie I miss the old school dividers there used to be inside... somehow It made the whole experience a little more fun.


I was in a Christmas village recently & came across the LovePop shop & was so intrigued. Facebook ads have long been trying to make me obsessed over these pop up cards & I vaguely remember their Shark Tank story so I went in to check them out. They are so COOL! I basically became immediately obsessed & came home with four of them!


Last Sunday I met one of my sisters downtown & we basically packed as much Philly Christmas happenings into one day as we could... from the Christmas villages & ice skating rinks to Tinsel - a Christmas theme pop up bar - to the light shows in South Philly. And the whole fabulous day ended with the Pentatonix Christmas concert! Pentatonix was amazing & the whole day could not have been better!

What are you obsessed with as Christmas & New Years quickly approaches?!

Cheers - Hal

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