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You know after the hustle & bustle and all the craziness of the holidays I still had my book club, "Beautiful - The Carole King Musical," Eagles playoff parties, some leftover holiday parties & my work party too. The salon was still pretty busy & I had to do tons of adulting that I was avoiding over the holidays. So needless to say the first half of January was still pretty much game on.

But this week I feel like everything came to a screeching halt, the temps dropped & that weird sense of post holiday seasonal affective disorder started kicking in.

But I'm gonna do whatever I can to stay upbeat & active this winter... after all I do have an amazing spring break to look forward to!

Now that you've gotten a little update on my life here are the five things I'm obsessed with this week.


One of my very fave clients gave me this "Real Men Watch Bravo" drink thermos as a little holiday gift & I started using it this week & literally every single person who sees it cracks up. Which is also kinda helping me to remember to drink more water which is something I'm trying to focus on right now. I mean what more can I say... was this thing made for me or what?!


Now that there's finally a Terrain store near me it's quickly become one of my faves. But if we're being reallllllly honest some of the merch is just too over priced for me. But one of the things I did splurge on was there decorating & inspiration book for the home & garden. This book has a TON of beautiful pictures that will inspire you to create the look on your own!


I've been talking a lot the last few weeks about daily planners & goal setting for 2019. And if you know me personally it comes as no shock to you I am an intense list maker. Sometimes I even add things to the list that I did already that day just to cross it off! This to-do list from Emily McDowell Studios is so cute! It kind of reminds me to calm the hell down & make sure to enjoy the day a little too instead of compulsively working down the list & focusing just on that!


OK so now it seems like I'm getting a little spoiled because this was another little client treat. I love Maine & all things nautical so these Maine chocolates... especially the chocolate lobster brought a smile to my face all week. They're from a super cute store in Maine called LenLibby Chocolates & they're delish. And who doesn't love sea salt & caramel?!


Ok so maybe this week's obsessions list should have been titled "Hal Getting Spoiled by his Wonderful Clients." I had the absolute pleasure of having dinner with this group of beautiful ladies who wanted to show me a sign of appreciation for all I do for them... even though it's me who should be showing them a sign of appreciation. I am SO grateful for my wonderful clients... who are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the out.

So those are the five things that brought a smile to my face this week... what are you obsessing over or what do you personally do to beat the winter blues?

Cheers - Hal

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