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Ok so things have officially calmed down in my life. The salon has gotten a little quieter now that winter has really set her ugly cold ass claws into us with this polar vortex nonsense & my social calendar is a smidge quieter. So in my five things this week you'll see I've been doing a little more reading & binge watching than normal... what's a guy to do?!


Ok so this week wasn't a total bust. I did go to see the Percy Jackson musical & out for a fun dinner with my sisters, my mother & my niece. So basically a girls night out.... and me! And was she ever in heaven with all that attention & her little brother at home with his father!


I think I already mentioned that this is our January book club selection but now that I have read the whole book in a week I can officially say you HAVE to read it! If you don't trust me you at least believe Reese right?! What are you reading this winter you're liking?


Oh my gosh... so yes... things must have been pretty slow this week because I saw both the Netflix & the Hulu versions of the failed mess of a music festival. I honestly didn't know a ton about it but the whole story is so engrossing. If you can see only one I suggest the Hulu one... I thought it got a lot deeper into nitty gritty of it all... have you seen either one yet?


Yes... not only did I read a lot, watch two documentaries but I also started binging Shitt's Creek & this show is hysterical... right up my alley... I don't know what was taking me so long to start it? Have you seen it yet?


Of course I love Girl Scout cookies. But you know what I love even more... my niece! Last year I accidentally played a big part in my niece being the biggest cookie seller by selling them in the salon. Oopsie. And no shocker here... of course she wants to be #1 again! And my poor assistant Kat has unfortunately been assigned a big part in this too... I'm pretty sure this isn't in her job description but when things are quiet I get creative! What's your fave Girl Scout cookie flavor?

So there you have it... my five random obsessions of the week.

What are you obsessed with right now... c'mon... don't be shy! Lemme know in the comments section!

Cheers - Hal

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