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I'm off work at the salon on Tuesdays so I'll be spending the day with the kids & celebrating Valentine's Day today since I'll be going back to work tomorrow. whomp whomp. But for today we're going to have a blast! I was determined to make it there... no matter what kind of wintry mix Mother Nature was throwing my way!

Seeing the kids today gave me my inspiration for this week's Hair Tip Tuesday... dress up your child's hair for Valentine's Day! My niece always asks me for braids so I thought why the heck not do some fun Valentine's experiments on her hair to be a little festive. And you know what - everyone at the soccer field loved it!

Here are a few more Valentine's Day inspired pics I rounded up from the internet that my niece didn't have quite enough hair to do.

So this Valentine's Day take my tip & create a little hair masterpiece of your own!

Happy Valentine's Day -


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