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OK... so I'm not gonna lie... I find February to be such a bore... especially after Valentine's Day is over. At least it's a fast month... right?!

Normally I share at least one social event from my life in this weekly series but like I said... February is kinda dull for me so I'm just gonna go ahead & share five completely random things that I obsessed over this week. Oh yeah... and one last minute super fun activity!


When it comes to all things visual Instagram is still where it's at for me... and you know I live & thrive in an extremely visual industry so that's really saying something. And lately instagram stories have been reigning supreme. I kinda just share whatever I feel like on their but have noticed more & more bloggers & influencers using templates to make their stories more & more professional & visually appealing. I was staying away at first because I didn't want mine to be so serious but like I said... this was a pretty quiet week so I downloaded a few & started playing around with them. And I have to say they really do look so neat & clean... I'm kinda obsessed. My fave one to play around with so far is unfold. Have you tried them yet?


In our downtime in the salon this week we got kinda crazy watching all the available Disney trailers & teasers that are out now. Everything from live action Dumbo, Lion King & Aladdin to Frozen 2 its all so exciting. This would be one of those times I openly admit I get to use my niece & nephew to go to things that would normally be weird for a 41 year old male... but hey it's a win/win because they'll be thrilled to go too. Which one are you most excited to see?!


As you're already aware my hands are constantly wet in the shampoo bowls & coated in bleach & color no matter how careful I am. Not to mention the hell the dry winter months add to the already dire situation. Enter strengthening polishes full of nutrients to bring nails back to life. But most look so polishy for lack of a better word. But I finally discovered an OPI matte one that's really doing the trick for me & my nails are singing thank you.


OK so when I got my Instant Pot I anticipated making much more complicated dishes... and I have... but I just kept hearing about how it makes the perfect rice. So I wanted to give it a try... and it does! I found a recipe for a three ingredient one... literally only rice, cilantro & lime & it gives me strong Chipotle vibes.... so yummy!


OK where do I even start on this one... you've heard me talk about my deep love of the residents of Schitt's Creek on Netflix for at least a month now. So when I found out too late that they were doing a live show at the Met in Philly & it was sold out I was so disappointed. Like realllllly disappointed. And I knew so many people going I was so jealous! But then there was a crazy series of events... it snowed that day so the salon closed early, New Jersey residents were allowed to return their tix & more became available & I got my ass there & all my dreams came true. Whaaaaaaat an amazing night!

So there you have it... these are the five things I'm obsessed with this week.

How bout you... what are you reading, watching, crushing on etc. Lemme know... like I said I find this time of year so uninspiring I can use all the help I can get!

Cheers - Hal

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