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Did you know you should be cleaning out the back of your hair dryer?

I think the answer for most people is probably not! I know myself I often forget to do this.

To clean out your hair dryer find the cap at the back where it takes in hair & twist it off.

Inside you will most likely find a filter that's filled with dust, dirt & all sorts of gunk. Kinda like the lint you find in your dryer.

Use a tooth brush or damp cloth to wipe it all off & clean it out. If it's past the point of no return hopefully you have a replacement... with most higher end hairdryer they include replacement filters in case you let it go too far.

Why you may ask am I even discussing this?! Well there happens to be a good reason... and it's not my obsessive need to keep things cleaned.

The motor in your hair dryer needs proper ventilation in

order to work well. Any gunk & build up will decrease the amount of air flow through the vent. Which can cause overheating & for the dryer to break.

Also it will take longer & longer for you to blow dry your hair as the filter gets clogged... and ain't no one got time for that!

So keep that hair dryer clean & you'll keep your expensive hair dryer longer & actually get a quicker blow out at home.

You're welcome!

Cheers - Hal

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