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Another month gone... we've officially made it through January & February 2019 & I'm happy to say they just flew by. I know... I know... I'm not supposed to be wishing my life away but if we're being really honest here I pretty much start counting down to spring break the second I wake up on January 2nd!

But all things considered I had an amazing February full of all sorts of fun stuff here & in my personal life... who am I kidding at this point they're really one in the same!

The majority of the earlier part of the month was spent prepping for Valentine's Day... y'all know i'm 100% in for whatever when it comes to having a reason to celebrate! And we had so much fun! But all things must come to an end.

OK so Valentine's Day is over but a lot of the styles, tips & tools I shared are more romantic than actual Valentines only so you may still want to check them out for inspo anyway.

To check out my full roundup of heart & love inspired tools & hair accessories just click here & for kids inspired looks click here. And for all of the romantic & love inspired hairstyles I've created throughout the last few years click here.

And for the rest of the month's #hairtiptuesdays including how & why to keep your hair dryer clean & the six foods you should be eating to promote hair growth click here.

For the month's worth of Friday fives & #whatimobsessedwiththisweek click here. Maybe I should start sharing the thing I was MOST obsessed with here monthly too. Because to be honest I haven't been obsessed with something as much as Schitt's Creek on Netflix in a long, long time... at this point they actually kinda owe me some referral money lol. Wouldn't that be nice?!

As always I shared over on instagram a #styleoftheweek for the four weeks of February & I'll share them here now too in case you're ignoring me on social media. ;)

And here are the four words of wisdom I share every Friday over on Instagram too.

In January I decided to also share my most liked & viral image of the month & you stayed true to your obvious love of bright blondes & made this my most popular pic of the month.

So there you have it folks... that was my February on the blog in a few paragraphs... how was yours?

Cheers - Hal

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