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I can't believe it's March & I'm one more week closer to spring break & warmer weather. Halleju!

You know what day it is... TGIF & time to share my friday five.


I got to see the fourth musical in my Broadway series on Wednesday night & lets just say I'm glad I deleted my recording of the live action one from last month after hearing what a train wreck it was because the real thing was just as amazing as I remembered it as a teenager. The nostalgia was real people.


C'mon you know I couldn't leave this one out of the mix... I'm fully in for any excuse to be festive! And Fat Tuesday is another reason to indulge! Fingers crossed now maybe I can use this as a motivation to finallllly start really getting it together for spring break lol.


I had taken a few years off from the flower show from some reason but when I heard this year the theme was 60's flower power I immediately wanted to attend. It was so cool. People... if you're thinking this is some flowers on folding tables like you see in your local mall think again. This is one of the biggest flower shows in the country & the presentations are breathtaking.


What can I really say about this one... it's everything. If you know anything about me at all you know I'm all about equality & a more balanced world... & if you're not about that you need to get on track!


My sister invited me to go to a salt cave in her town for charity. I've been seeing a lot about these lately but to be honest knew nothing about it. Well for starters it's exactly what it says it is in case you were wondering... it's a man made cave constructed out of salt designed to help you breathe better, make your skin look great & cure depression... I'm not sure about all that but one thing I can say is it was truly peaceful & a great way to unplug.

So as you can see I had quite a busy week.

How was yours...

Cheers - Hal

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