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Have you recently jumped on the fashion color bandwagon?

Well if you have then you know, especially if you're not a natural blonde, that it took a lot of time & money to get that perfect shade of pink, magenta or whatever it was you were going for.

So don't let it just wash down the drain. If you've ever done this then you'll know the number one complaint I get about it is it doesn't stay in the hair. Well you're not alone... it doesn't stay in anyones. Or if it does then they're probably following these simple rules.

PS these tips can be applied to anyone with color treated hair who's trying to preserve their color for as long as they can. You don't have to be every shade of the rainbow to benefit from this post. It's just that if you do choose to go down the unicorn rabbit hole these will be especially valuable.

First & most obvious is to wash your hair as little as possible! The less you wash it the longer it stays... this one isn't rocket science people. Become one with your dry shampoo.

Second when you do shower skip the hot water. Try using cool water to help keep that cuticle closed... or at least keep your head out of the hot water & change it to cool for the minute or two you need to wash your hair.

Go sulfate free. You should be doing this already but if for some reason you don't do it now... run don't walk.

Upgrade those products... most drug store products contain salt, sulfates & detergents that are no bueno for your color. How do you think they can make them so inexpensive?!

Try to stay covered when in the sun & use your hot tools as little as possible... same as with the hot water this can really create some serious fading.

There you have it... there are probably some I've missed but these are my personal most important ones to keep in mind if you're thinking about making the jump. And if you do, keep in mind these tones aren't meant to last forever in anyone's hair.

Cheers - Hal

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