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This week's Hair Tip Tuesday is some pretty simple advice - if you have dark hair & want a sun kissed look this summer start lightening it up NOW!

Spring has Sprung & if you're anything like me you're chomping at the bit to get out of these winter clothes, get a summer glow to your skin & a sun kissed look to your hair. But all that doesn't all happen overnight.

It's simply not realistic at all to go from the darkest of browns to a lighter shade in one visit unless you're spending a small fortune & have all day. And even then it will definitely compromise the health & integrity of your hair.

So do yourself - and more importantly your hair - a favor & schedule a consultation with a stylist now & show them an image of what you're trying to do. If they're good at their job they can help you schedule & plan out your visits so you'll get to the perfect tone of blonde in time for summer.

This way you won't end up in the dreaded orange zone.

Lucky for me I have clients who already understand this process... like Allison from the She wants to be considerably lighter for summer but knows her hair can only stand so much processing at one time. With all the lifestyle & fashion pics she shares it's certainly not worth being photographed with broken & unhealthy hair at the expense of it being light. So if you don't believe me... at least take note from this beauty.

Last but not least when lightening - especially if you're going a little overboard - you can fall back on Olaplex - hairstylist's favorite conditioning treatment that actually rebuilds broken hair strands. Most products for dry or damaged hair only actually make your hair feeeeeel soft but don't actually repair & most that do don't necessarily make your hair feel soft. Click image or link to shop.

So it's officially spring - lets start getting out there & getting our hair on point for summer!

Cheers - Hal

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