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Sometimes I have weeks that I'm twiddling my thumbs & wondering what's come of my lifestyle & other weeks where I can barely come up for air... I know you know what I'm talking about.

Well this was one of those weeks where I literally had something every single night of the week... and I actually loved every second of it. I think I actually prefer being "on" a hundred percent of the time rather then feeling like I have no life!

From another show in my Broadway series, to book club, to the culmination of the week... attending the opening party of the newest & most premier studio and event space in Philadelphia to getting everyone else glammed up for the event (but more to come on that next week) it was an action packed few days.


As I said the week started off with another musical in my Broadway series. I was more excited than you would think for Miss Saigon because as a Broadway freak I think I should at least have bragging rights to having seen alllllll of the classics... but I had actually never seen Miss Saigon so for that reason alone I was pretty happy. Of course it was not as modern as some of the shows you've heard me talk about recently but it was still so beautiful! And now I can say I've seen them all!


OK... so I know this may seem weird but if you've been following along you know I've been slowly but surely using the kon mari method of tidying up one room a week for the last month or more. And when I'm done with a room I feel such a sense of joy & accomplishment. But I'm not gonna lie the closets were the hardest. But thanks to these handy dandy ultra thin velvet hangers I was able to get so much more in each closet. And I became extra obsessed with these ones from QVC that had a little hook on them so you could hang things going down too.... really saving some space. But several people from Instastories have asked me where to buy those & I can't find them anymore!!!!! If you've seen them around pass on the word!


This month's book as you may know was our first foray into nonfiction & we read "The Good Neighbor - The Life & Work of Fred Rogers" by Maxwell King. Not gonna lie it wasn't my fave. But I actually listened to it on Audible & perhaps the narrator brought more life to the story because I think I enjoyed it a little more than my partners who read it traditionally. I think it's safe to say I would skip this one... all you PBS & Mr. Rogers fanatics don't come for me!!!! As I've mentioned before the Netflix doc "Won't you be my Neighbor" was sooooo much better in case you need a little fix.


In my quest to be all Marie Kondo & shit I happened upon @thehomeedit on Instagram right around the time they were debuting their first book... and lemme tell you this is a book I wouldn't skip. Or if you're not into reading... or seeing the most amaaaaaazing home organization pics on planet Earth then at least do yourself the favor of checking out there Insta page... and seeing celebrity spaces... like Khloe Kardashians closet & pantry... is an added bonus.


You'd think working so intensely in the beauty industry as I do that I would be a walking billboard for looking good... unfortunately not so. Ever heard of the phrase the shoemaker's son? I have NO time for myself so when I did get a little spring fever & carved out a little time for my own services because of all the events I have coming up I was pleasantly surprised to see how obsessed I would be to have highlights in my hair again!!!!

So there you have it... I'll tell you all about the venue opening next Friday... but in the meantime let me know what else I should be obsessed with right now & have a great weekend!

Cheers - Hal

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