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So if you remember last week was so crazy it took me a few days to recover! I was literally booked all day everyday & had events almost every single night.

I was kinda complaining at the time even though I knew that this week would be much quieter & then I'd be yearning for all the drama from last week! Why's it always gotta be like that?!

But as it turns out this was still an amazing week... from the Location 215 opening party in Philly to a psychic afternoon soiree where I channeled my inner Allison Dubois (remember the psychic dinner party from hell on season one of the Beverly Hills Housewives... who could forget?!) to getting a new car it was still a pretty amazing week!

So without further ado these are the Friday Five that really stuck out with me from last week.

"The One in a Million Boy"

In case you're not following along on Insastories our book club selection for March was the Fred Roger's biography.... not my fave but the hostess' event was sooooo beautiful... right down to the cardigan cake. Without further ado I'd like to take a sec to announce April's book - "The One in a Million Boy" by Monica Wood. I'm happy to say I'm liking this one much, much better so far!

New Month - Fresh Start

Every start of a new month can be looked at as a fresh start but certain months... like January or April... are extra because it's more of a fresh season or even a fresh year rather than just the start of another month. And y'all know I love summer so the start of spring is super exciting because it's getting me one step closer to my happy place! Cheers to an amazing spring!

New Car

Not only are we going into a new month but I'll be riding into it in style. I loooooove a new car.. that new car smell gets me so excited!

Location 215

I am BEYOND proud of my friend for opening a brand new studio & event space in the heart of Philadelphia. And does this lady know how to throw a party or what. There were people hula hooping on stilts, fire throwers in the parking lot, bands, and of course an open bar... without that what kind of a party would it really be?! If you need to host a special event in the Philadelphia area hit me up & I'll put you in contact!

Grapefruit Mojito

I was asking around lately for Easter & spring cocktail recipes & I was introduced to the grapefruit mojito. I've always been a fan of a good mojito so I was super excited for this one. It's so light & refreshing for spring & summer & the pinkish hue is sooooooo cute for Easter! And of course it tastes pretty darn good too!

So there you have it... those are the five things I was obsessed with this week... how about you... fill me in on what I'm missing!

Cheers - Hal

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