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You guys... this was my last week of work responsibilities before my family's Bahamas Spring Break getaway! I'm so excited I can't even stand it... spring break is really late this year... at least here in the Northeast... and I've been ready for some warmth & fun in the sun for wayyyyyyyy too long now!

So needless to say as you may have imagined my butt was handed to me at the salon this week... I guess when you've been hit by a MAC truck it makes the Atlantis all that much better!

But it's Friday & you know what that means... it's time for me to share the random five things I was obsessed with this week.


As you may well know the spring formal season is upon us which means I'll be feverishly curling, pinning & smoothing hair out till I'm pretty much permanently covered in a thin layer of sticky hair spray. I often get run down & less organized this time of year but not this time! This year I made a handy dandy updo kit for myself to make sure I always have what I need on hand... and you know I'm always searching for ways to use my Cricut... how cute is the logo on the lid?!


I've been using the same haggard cloth luggage for years now & have loooooong been envious of everyone's hard case & metallic pieces. So when I saw this Kenneth Cole set at TJ Maxx of all places it was a huge score... especially with the Bahamas right around the corner. How cute is this set?!


I'm always asking you guys at the end of every one of these obsessions posts what it is I'm missing out on... and one of you... OK it was actually my little sister... asked me if I knew about Talenti gelato. I'd seen it in the grocery store but never bought it... this stuff is soooo good & has less fat then regular ice cream... which may be helpful for some of us. Especially if you're anything like me... summer & spring break may be right around the corner but I still have to indulge a little... and if I do it might as well be a little less calories than the ice cream I usually buy.


OK so they don't call me Grandma Mary for nothing. In case you don't know my grandmother was notoriously overly prepared for everything. I usually host Easter but with coming home from Spring Break on Good Friday & working all day on Saturday, not to mention my intense work schedule leading up to break... it really left me no time. So yes... needless to say my house has pretty much been ready for Easter morning since Sunday April 7th... I need to get a grip. But at least I've been able to enjoy the decor a little bit in the meantime.


OK.. yes I am aware I should be counting calories & was just talking about gelato versus ice cream but I accidentally bought these instead of the traditional chocolate ones in true Hal fashion running around like a nit wit. I was so pissed... until I tried one... or two or three. That's all I'm gonna say... lets just leave it at that.

So there you have it... wish me a wonderful break & a Happy Easter. Because I'm wishing you nothing but the best Easter & Passover that there can possibly be!

I'm going to be taking a verrrrrry rare one week break from the blog to get some much needed rest & relaxation with my family. But no worries... I'll be sharing all the action over on Instastories & will be back with all the normal content, a new product of the month & a fullll recap of the week I was away the day after Easter!


Cheers - Hal

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