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April was one for the books.

I don't actually even know where to begin.

The spring formal season keeps me running like a lunatic in the salon & I tend to work wayyyyyyy too much. There was Easter... which I think it's safe to say we've already confirmed that I go overboard for any occasion & this was no exception. And I was lucky enough to spend spring break at the Atlantis, Bahamas with my family spending some quality time, rest & relaxation.

And the blog was just as insane... even though I took a much needed week off over spring break & the holiday weekend... we still managed to pack a lot in there.

There were actually three great partnerships & collaborations this month.

First I was lucky enough to partner up with Glo Brilliant & Dr. Josh Stelzer to get this super white smile just in time for the sunny months. I mean who in the actual hell doesn't want white teeth?!

Second I worked with Norvell Sunless Tanning to help premier their new Boost Vivid sunless tanning lotion. The results were amazing & I went from pudgy & pale to tan & still pudgy... but at least it looked better with a healthy glow... just in time for the Bahamas.

Dang... I'm starting to feel a little vain over here with all the beauty posts lately... but hey I guess we're all just tryna get it together for summer over here. What can I say... I like a glowy skin & white teeth combo... sue me.

And last but not least I continued my work with Cricut to create this super fun updo kit to help me get through the spring formal season.

For the month's worth of #hairtiptuesday posts just click here. And for all of April's #whatimobsessedwiththisweek posts click here.

And if you're at all curious about the number one styling product that's getting me through updo hell click here to read all about April's #productofthemonth.

If you're still not used to the social media routine I share a #styleoftheweek each week over on Instagram, etc. And I always share them here too in case you've missed one!

And here are the #fridayfive quotes for the month too.

And last but not least... sorry - I told you there was a lot this month... here's my most popular post from all of April. Once again you've proved the power of the blonde on social media. It always seems like the most dramatic image of the month is a bright blonde! I guess I should try to post more of these....

So there you go guys. That was my April in one post. It was a super enjoyable month for me... how was yours?!

Cheers - Hal

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