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Well another week down... another week closer to summer.

And you know what time it is... it's that morning of the week we all share the five things that we were obsessed with this week.


Between all my traveling & prepping for Easter I kinda fell behind on my TV watching & finally started watching Fosse/Verdon. Lets just start by saying I realize Ryan Murphy can be a bit controversial & people really at times feel strongly one one or the other. But I for one usually love his shows. I dieeeeeed for Bette & Joan & I'm pretty much all in on this one too... I can't wait for more to come out!


Can you believe I'm still using my Instant Pot?! Usually these fads come on strong & end up in the back of the cabinet within the month. But I still like this handy dandy little contraption. And this healthy burrito bowl was made entirely in the Instant Pot which was awesome because ain't no-one got time for cleanup. So tasty & delish.


OK so this is another head scratcher because people with allergies... including myself... have really been struggling this year. But the excitement of seeing the spring buds & the impending change of season gets me so excited! I get extra hype for the peonies. I can't believe that one day they're barely even out of the ground & within a month they're fully grown plants with big, beautiful flowers.


I started reading this book by Gail Honeyman on a fluke because I finished April's book club selection only a week before book club & wanted something light & easy to read before I got May's book club pick. This novel totally surprised me. It's so quirky & interesting I can't put it down!


My brother in law introduced me to these bars & he claimed they were "delicious." OK so I'm not gonna lie to you & claim that they're delish but I will say they're the best tasting high protein bar I've ever tasted. And they come in a million different yummy flavors.

There's my #fridayfive... what am I missing out on... I mean except "Game of Thrones"... I'm sick of people yelling at me that I don't watch!

Cheers - Hal

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