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Knowing how to tease your hair can mean all the difference between flat, lifeless hair & fabulous hair. And in all my years one request I've never received from clients is how to have flat, lifeless hair... trust me on that one.

But teasing your hair believe it or not can be confusing.

So here's your step by step.

Section your hair with a top layer & an underneath layer. The overall concept here is to tease the underneath from the bottom up & lay the top layer over it... leaving your hair looking polished & voluminous instead of teased out & ratty.

Taking your teasing brush start to tease near the root & work your way down the hair shaft inch by inch. The bigger the tease, the bigger the hair... so the sky's the limit.

The Spornette Little Wonder is my fave little brush to use for teasing.

I spray each teased section with a flexible hold hairspray so it'll be easier to brush out later.

Remember to tease each section the same amount of times... that way it will be symmetrical... you don't want to tease one section more then the other & look lopsided. It will make everything look off trust me.

Once you're finished teasing unclip the top section & let it lay over the teased area & spray with your flexible hairspray again. My fave hairspray to do this with is the Sebastian Reshaper.

Remember over teasing & ratting out your hair could be damaging & lead to breakage so keep this for special occasions & don't make it part of your everyday routine.

So once your done you can go out & rock that big hair!

Hope these tips help... if I've left anything out just let me know!

Cheers - Hal

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