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Hey everyone! Hope you all had an amazing Mother's Day weekend celebrating with all the fabulous women in your lives.

We had to celebrate our Mother's Day a few days early because of everyone's crazy schedules & we were so lucky that we were able to have dinner with a beautiful view of the pool... unlike this Sunday where it was pretty much raining sideways all day here in the Northeast!

I mean c'mon... I'm over this weather already!

But I digress... it's Tuesday & you know what that means... it's time to share out weekly hair tip!

Last week I shared how to get the perfect tease to get finer hair looking fuller & more fabulous without breaking all your hair.

And I got tons of questions about it so I thought I would expand on that a little & discuss how to properly get that tease out of your hair too!

For starters very gently brush out the teased hair. When wet hair is aggressively brushed it's more likely to break so resist the temptation & brush it when it's dry before you even get in the shower.

When brushing out a tease always use a wide tooth comb... a fine tooth one will def cause more breakage.

When brushing start at the bottom of your hair & gently brush up to the root until the entire teased section is smoothed.

If you're at all familiar with wearing extensions then this next point will be second nature to you. If not you're gonna learn... as you're brushing out your tease hold onto the locks of hair near your root so you're not tugging so hard on your scalp & your applying less pressure to your hair.

If that's not happening & your tease is being super stubborn or you perhaps went a little overboard with the whole thing then you may need to get in the shower & apply loads of conditioner to the hair & gently brush it out before shampooing.

And as always treat yourself to deep conditioning sessions at home every once in a while to ensure your hair is looking great!

Cheers - Hal

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