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You know I've noticed going through old monthly recaps on the blog that I often begin them surprised at the passing of time & lamenting that another month has flown by.

But not this time! NO WAY!

I for one am thrilled to death that summer is here & the weather feels like it finally turned.

May is always a fun & exciting month in my family because we get to celebrate my sister, niece & nephew's birthdays & we all kinda love summer so Memorial Day is also a big deal weekend for us!

And the blog was just as eventful!

For the month's worth of #hairtiptuesdays click here & for all of my #fridayfive posts where we discuss all the things we obsessed over that week click here.

If you're super into Living Proof then this post is for you.... click here to read all about their new color line which was our May #productofthemonth.

Here's a quick glance at our four #stylesoftheweek.

And here are my five Instagram quotes of the week.

And my fave part of my monthly recap is when I scroll through all the posts to see what went most viral & got the most attention. It's always fun... and more often then not surprising to see what got the most traction.

This one is cracking me up more than ever... not sure why you guys loved it so much. Did you enjoy me floating into summer more or the illusion that I'm about to plummet to my death?!

So there you have it... that's my May in one quick glance.

Stay tuned in June for a month's worth of styles, quotes, obsessions. tips, a new product line & most importantly my best advice for taking care of your hair in the summer months.

That's all for now... go out & enjoy your summer!

Cheers - Hal

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