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Hey everyone!

It's Friday morning & time to share what we're obsessed with this week!


This past weekend was Philly Gay Pride weekend culminating in a huge parade & street party this past Sunday... I went for the first time in a few years because I'd been missing it because of the shore. But this year was extra... I'm not really sure why. I can't quite put my finger on it... all I do know is we had an absolute blast. The kind that takes days to recover from & you're still talking about & giggling over almost a full week later!


I watched the show a day late because of Pride & am so happy I did so I could fast forward through boring parts... and if we're gonna be really honest the show this year was boring to death. So why is it landing here... well I'll tell you. I am OBSESSED with Ali Stoker's big win. If you were never a "gleek" like I was then you won't be familiar with her. But she made Tony history by being the first handicapped person to star & win in a wheelchair... and her dedicating the trophy to disabled children everywhere looking for someone on stage who represents them was truly heartwarming.


Have you tried the new Starbuck cold brew with salted caramel cold foam. O... M... G so good & a healthier option with a little less calories than a lot of their other cold drinks.


So a new Nekter Juice Bar just opened up right next to the salon & we're all pretty much obsessed with their açaí bowls... they can be a little pricy but sooooo good. Have you jumped on the açaí bowl trend yet?


Yet another thing I missed out on live because of Pride... damn Sunday was a jam packed day. But of course I caught up... what kind of a gay would I be to miss a show featuring this stellar cast of ladies... I mean it'd drool worthy. I soaked up every last second of it! Are you watching?

Those are the five things I'm obsessed with this week... how bout you?

Cheers - Hal

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