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June is already flying by which is bad for my psyche.

For me summer is just too darn short so I definitely include June & September in my summer lifestyle... forget about that July & August only nonsense. So the fact that we're pretty much almost done with June & the Fourth of July is right around the corner scares the heck out of me!

I need to soak up every ounce of summer & that's just what we did this past week.

So lets get to it...


What a perfect opportunity for family to get together, grill & enjoy the summer weather while celebrating the special men in our lives who are father figures. Luckily for me I happen to still have my father & it just so happens that he's one of the best out there. He's always been so supportive I really couldn't have asked for anything more!


As it happens I also am blessed enough to have my mother too... who just so happens to also be absolutely amazing. I know you've heard me talk about her... and her cooking many times thoughout the years... so Happy Birthday to her!


As it turns out my mother's birthday falls on June 21st... or Summer Solstice... the longest period of daylight for the whole year & the official first day of summer. Is it any wonder that my mother & I are such kindred spirits?!


All these things being said wasn't this just the perfect opportunity to spend a weekend in the Poconos... on the lake... in the sun... grilling, chilling & celebrating all these special days!


OK... so by now you're pretty knowledgeable on my TV watching preferences & you have probably guessed that "America's Got Talent" is definitely NOT on my radar. But you're also aware that I have a strange & unexplainable obsession with the Hough brother/sister duo so new judge Julianne drew me into AGT where I discovered the overlyproduced, tear jerking golden buzzer moments where a truly deserving, unsuspecting contestant gets discovered & receives their magical moment... and of course I am tipsily crying into my Chardonnnay by the end of the segment... what can I say... I'm a sucker for it. If you have no idea what I mean youtube one... it's so good!

So that's my #fridayfive in a nutshell. What were you obsessed with this week?

Cheers - Hal

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