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Summer is slowly... every so slowly ramping up no matter how much rain Mother Nature has been throwing our way! You know I'm always praying for an endless summer. So this will be one of the first summer hair care posts for #hairtiptuesday.

I'm hoping we all have an amazing summer & live that carefree lifestyle. But that being said all the sun, chlorine, salt water, & ponytails may do some serious damage to your hair.

Nothing will fade or ruin your color sooner than a care free summer of hair neglect. But one way to fix this is to GLAZE YOUR COLOR.

Summer can leave your color brassy or not quite what you were going for. A quick fix for this is a glaze!

It's super easy - it's done right at the shampoo bowl & rarely sits on for longer then a few minutes. Your color will look fresh & it will restore shine to dull hair.

It's the perfect way to update your color this summer!

Cheers - Hal

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