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I can't even believe it's already June 28th!

What an amazing month... so much to celebrate between summer solstice, my mother & niece's birthday & Father's Day just to name a few... but lets not gorget that June is also Gay Pride month.

I'm not sure if it's because of the anniversary of Stonewall or if more & more corporations are getting behind LGBTQ causes or maybe it's because New York this year was the site of World Pride. Whatever the reason who cares... all I do know is there seems to have been a major acceptance of pride month this year even more then ever & I for one LOVE IT!

So this week I decided to dedicate my #fridayfive to Pride Month before June is officially over.


Have you heard about the new HBO documentary "Wig?" It's basically an in depth look at the 20 plus year Wigstock drag festival in NYC & celebrates all that is queer & cool in the New York drag community. It was sooooo cool to see how the queens & the way they perform has changed & evolved over the last 20 years. I LOVED it but PS it can get a little explicit & may not be for everyone.


I've only gotten through the first two episodes of the second season so far... but if you haven't watched the Ryan Murphy FX show that explores the start of the drag community in the 80's AIDS era I would stronggggggggly suggest starting with season one... I LOVED IT!


Y'all know I am ADDICTED to the Peloton & they came out with a whole slew of Pride classes & they were so much fun to say the least. Ally Love's all Cher ride was a complete blast. If you don't have a Peloton that's OK... maybe you can just include some of the fun songs into your own workouts during June.


OK I know Taylor Swift & pop music might not be for everyone... but I would still take a sec to read the song lyrics or watch the video for Tay Tay's latest single "You Need to Calm Down." Not only is it a super catchy song but I love that she's taking a stand & showing an example to her young audience of inclusion & acceptance.


Shame on me that I never saw this documentary from last year. It's made by the lead singer of the band "Imagine Dragons" & explores how the Mormon church treats the LGBTQ community & members who come out as gay. It's so good... and if you're not in the mood for another documentary you can also check out the movie "Boy Erased," also from last year that explores similar topics.

Like I said there was so much to be obsessed with this year or Pride & so much fun to be had & awareness to share that these are just a few.

What did you do to celebrate Pride month... or what were you obsessed with the June in general?

Cheers - Hal

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