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Hey everyone... it's time for our Friday check in! Hope you had an amazing week! I sure did!

I had a blast celebrating the Fourth of July & only worked behind the chair this week for three days because of how the holiday fell... so that was a nice little salon break indeed.

Last week my #fridayfive was Pride themed & I'm continuing the theme bandwagon to this week because lets me honest... almost all of what I was obsessed with this week was July 4th related.

So here it goes.


What really would a pool day be without a signature cocktail? This white sangria came out so crisp, light & refreshing it went super fast! And the star shaped granny smith apples gave just the right amount of festive flair to each drink! And how cute are these reusable eco friendly red, white & blue straws from Pottery Barn?!


My sister & the kids live in Washington Crossing... you guess it... this is where George Washington & his troops crossed the Delaware & won the Revolutionary War. And Bucks County is so quaint & pretty to begin with. So needless to say they always have historic things like this going on... and a fun run was the best way for us to kick off the holiday together as a family. But it also was a nice reminder for me to get it together because I was pretty much sweating my ass off & we only did one mile!


You know I'm a total sucker for a festive dish. And this one was just perfect because my niece & nephew looooove being involved in little projects like this. So all I had to do was buy the food & they put the whole thing together & were as proud as a peacock.


OK so even I'm sensing that the day may have been all about food & drink for me... at least it started out with a little run. My client introduced me to this dessert & it is right up my alley... because there is absolutely no baking required!!! And it was a big hit too.


I honestly can't remember if I shared my front porch this year on the blog... but I went with a red, white & blue theme this year & it looks just perfect for the summer holidays.

So there you have my Fourth in a nutshell. How was yours?

Cheers - Hal

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