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It's nearly impossible to believe that August has come to a close, Labor Day has already arrived & gone & the kids went back to school this week!

In case you couldn't guess my sister & I are not the types who can't wait for back to school... instead we pretty much relish in the dog days of summer & the flexibility in our schedules that summer brings.

But luckily for me I'm not starting my fall & winter schedule until the end of this month... because as far as I'm concerned #septemberisstillsummer. So I plan on still hanging by the pool & getting as much content created for the last quarter of the year for you guys that I can before the craziness of the fall & the holidays kick in!

August was a pretty quiet month for me filled with days by the beach & pool, time spent with the kids & four days a week behind the chair crammed in there too.

On the blog my weekly #hairtiptuesday posts pretty much revolved around summer hair care... everything from why you need to mask, why summer is the perfect time to give your hair a break from the heat & how, the best UV spray, how to clarify your hair & a full list of my fave summer hair care tips from the last few years. For all of that just click here.

Click here to read all about our August product of the month. If you suffer from frizz & the heat is not a friend of your hair then you should be using Living Proof Humidy Shield & Instant De-Frizzer. Check out this post & your frizzy hair will thank you later.

For the full months of #fridayfive posts where I share everything I'm obsessed with... from what I'm eating, watching, reading & most importantly drinking click here.

In case you don't follow me over on social media I share a #styleoftheweek for your hair inspiration.

And here are your Friday quotes.

And what was the most popular image of the month at #hairbyhal you may ask... well here it is!

I love this one too! Nothing beats some quality family time in my happy place.

So there you have it... that was my August in a nutshell. How was yours?

Cheers - Hal

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