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Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Is there anything better then a hot shower first thing in the morning?!

I think not... I love it... especially in the cold weather months.

But can it have a negative effect on your hair?

Well we've already confirmed that it can make your fashion color last longer but I personally never confirmed the fantasy hair color trend on myself.

Can it make our natural colored hair fade too? Yes! It definitely can.

And it can also dry out your scalp & help create dandruff, flakiness & hair loss also! And none of us have any time for that!

So I suggest you wear a shower cap & actually wash your hair less for starters.

But if you can't do that they use cool water... or at least just warm water to wash, condition & rinse your hair.

So it may be unpleasant but also help prevent hair loss & dandruff... especially in the colder months.

Some other benefits of cooler water is that it can actually make your hair shinier & helps to fight frizz. And it makes your scalp much cleaner... so you won't only be avoiding hair loss but you'll even be promoting new hair growth!

So there you have it... this week's #hairtiptuesday is pretty straightforward & quick... don't fry out your hair with excessively hot water!

Cheers - Hal

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