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Hey y'all... can you even believe that it's already October?!

I'm in a state of shock... I hold onto summer like I'm hanging off a cliff over the Grand Canyon but there's just something about October's arrival that makes it fall... whether Mother Nature is still supplying us with summery weather or not.

What can I really say about September... lets be honest because that's what we're here for right? I don't really like the month of September.

It makes me super sad that summer is coming to a close & every year I swear I'm still going to make it to the beach & pool a ton but it never really happens as much as I want it to. Most people have no idea how to dress... some people like myself dress for the weather & temps but others start with the fall wardrobe post Labor Day no matter what & we all end up looking crazy. And I looooove routine & a schedule & September is just such a month of transition.

But overall it was still a great month. And now that it's over & the temps actually begin to drop I'm going to fully embrace autumn & begin to get really festive for all the upcoming holidays. Just wait to see all the tricks I have up my sleeve.

For the full month's worth of #hairtiptuesday posts click here & for all my #fridayfive posts click here.

My most popular post of the month was definitely my top 5 tips for autumn haircare... go check that out here.

Click here to read all about my September product of the month... Living Proof's detox shampoo... to help equalize our hair from all our summer fun.

Here were my four #styleoftheweek looks.

And here were my four words of wisdom from Instagram.

And last but not least my most liked image from allllll the places you can follow me is this one.

We also had quite a bit of fun captioning this post on social media.

So there you have it... even though September isn't my personal fave month you can clearly see we still got a lot accomplished over here.

How was your September?

Cheers - Hal

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