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Hello! It's been a minute.... I've been so slack lately on keeping up with my posts... but the good news is it's December 10th & I'm officially ready for Christmas.

That's an accomplishment right?!

The house is decorated, the gifts have been purchased & wrapped & I overall actually really feel ready to get my mingle & jingle on... oh & work my ass off in the salon for the remainder of 2019 also!

I've been sharing my twelve days of holiday hair series over on Instagram if you've been following along & of course when the perfect opportunity arose I just had to include my assistant Kat.

What's a guy really to buy his 21 year old assistant for her birthday?! Well of course hair extensions! When Kat mentioned she wanted to go long again it was a no brainer to jump on that & give her a twenty first birthday look she'd love!

Then I got to thinking.... between the 12 days of holiday hair series, Kat's new extensions & me always looking for new hair tips it hit me! I needed to combine all three to make one epic post.

In need to create a great holiday look.... use some extensions!

For Kat I did use Hot Heads tape in extensions... but some clip-ins or a halo would do the trick too!

Just think of all the looks you could create with longer hair for the holidays. The options are endless... and you'll be sure to be the center of attention at all your festive gatherings.

Cheers - Hal

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