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Hey everyone! I have been horrible with keeping up with my posts on the blog lately so I though I would conduct a little recap.

Wait... there's not much to recap! Maybe that's the actual reason I've been so slow on the blog as of late. This is literally my least favorite time of the year & I've pretty much been in hibernation mode. I've never watched more Netflix in my whole life then I have this winter.

But no worries... the weather is becoming milder & milder & I'm ready to come out!

So lets jump into this little review & also share some Instagram content in case you missed it.

Just in case you dread winter as much as I do & it wreaks as much havoc on your skin & hair as mine then you need this one. My big January post was the ten things you could be doing to save your hair this winter. To check them out click here.

My other big January post was tips on how to schedule out a year in hair to make sure you're looking your best for all of 2020 & you don't end up looking haggard when you're supposed to be looking your finest.

Last but not least Navy Pebble Beach Dry Texture Spray was my January product of the month & you're gonna want to read this one to find out why... especially if you're one of those people whose curls fall out before they even hit the front door.

Obvi my big February push was around allllll the most lovely ways you could style your hair for Valentine's Day.

Oh & if you think you're gonna be blonde this summer you should start now... click here to read why.

Last but not least if the dry air is causing scalp dryness, itching or flaking like it is with most of my clients click here to read my February product of the month & how it'll solve all that mess for you.

Here are two month's worth of #styleoftheweek posts from Instagram.

And also a winter's worth of my best words of wisdom.

Wow! That was a lot... maybe my lazy ass should start posting more so this wouldn't be such an endeavor!

Cheers - Hal

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