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Updated: Sep 17, 2020

OK - so you're not a celebrity & can't get your roots touched up every other week or so - despite how bad you want to & how great it would be for my pocketbook - win/win - right?!

Well ain't no one got time for that - or the money - for that matter. So what's a girl or guy to do in the meantime?! As part of my civic duty to bring beauty to the 'burbs & the average person I'm going to share one of my fave products with you.

Drumroll Please- Style Edit Collection root concealer!!!! So between salon visits you can use this binding powder or spray for precise gray coverage. And I find it gives your hair a little lift & grip too - great for those who like to build up a little volume.

This miracle product comes in a spray or powder depending on which you prefer. I personally like the powder because I feel like I have a little more control when I'm applying it around my hairline, but that's just me. For my full personal review just click here.

Apply it on your part, hairline or wherever you see gray & then simply shampoo it out when you're ready. I know what you're thinking - you're going to have this stuff running down your face like a crying drag queen's eyeliner. NO WAY! It really is sweat & precipitation proof - so you can still work out & get caught out in the elements without having any major disasters. Lets be real - you can't hop in the pool or go apple bobbing. Just use common sense with what you're getting yourself into when you have it on & you'll be fine!

Here's a quick before & after with the medium/light brown concealer.

And also - the best part - no matter what the color they have you covered! Literally & figuratively - get it? They come in three color categories - drop red gorgeous, brunette beauty & blonde perfection. And like I said they come in spray or powder so there's endless possibilities.

Stay gorgeous & gray free lovelies!

Cheers - Hal

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