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I'm baaaaaack...

I know I've been absentee from the blog for a bit & abandoning your posse is one of the worst things you could do... and for that I'm honestly sorry.

But let me explain... it was with good reason. First of all just like the rest of you I was struggling with this little roadblock called navigating the pandemic... trying to find a new normal & what exactly that would look like... which was - and still is for that matter... pretty scary & uncertain.

Not only was it not the best of times on a personal level but it brought the salon industry to it's knees. Literally turned it upside down.

But on a positive note I had a lot of time to think... and Peloton... and drink alcohol... and then Peloton again to burn it off. It was quite the cycle.

But in the process I came to some major conclusions.

I made the difficult decision to leave the salon & become a freelance hairstylist & will be exploring all avenues of the industry... editorial styling, education, weddings & special events, & getting back to blogging just to name a few. But no worries I still have time for my clients too.... all with the the most sanitary of precautions of course!

After all working with my loyal clients has been the happiest & most fulfilling time of the last 15 years.

It's been quite the journey so far. Some aspects... like styling hair have been quite easy. Others... like creating an LLC & using Quick Books... not so much. Let's just say that's not exactly in the Hal wheelhouse of fun.

But now that I've gotten a little bit of a handle on things I'm ready to go all in.

And I'm looking forward to sharing my freelance experiences... the good, the bad & the ugly... along with my latest hair creations, the products you can't live without & my latest musings on life.

So who's ready to go on this journey with me?

As they say... or maybe it's just me... pour yourself a drink, fix your wig, & put on your seatbelt because it's gonna be a bumpy, but very fun ride!

Cheers - Hal

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